2009-07-10 16:11:16 by flip82

I was unscouted from the art portal, doesn't say why. wtf?

Art = Cool

2009-06-19 22:02:49 by flip82

Cool! There's an art section. I'm gonna be active there, just so you know. I'm pretty good, actually.


2009-05-30 09:58:11 by flip82


Site it up!

It sucks right now, but I don't care.


2009-05-22 17:23:32 by flip82

I made a new song.

Now, this may not seem too amazing, but it is.

I've been using the same chord progression for about one month trying to make a good song with it, and I guess this is it. I'll probably post songs that sound slightly the same because I LIKE MY CHORDS. >:|

Good day.

A lot of new stuff!

2009-04-08 15:09:21 by flip82

I've gotten a ton of new virtual instruments!!! My favorite so far is Table Synth, a really nice one with a bunch of sweet presets.

Need some for yourself? Here ya go.

OMG!!1 D:

2009-03-23 17:02:18 by flip82

I made some new pics for my porfile and made a new song! OMG!

News Post...

2009-03-09 18:09:22 by flip82

Well, here's a news post.

I made a new song...? I dunno. I'm new with this news stuff.